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The ski pass rates for the 2023/24 winter season will be published shortly






Le Prevendite Estiva, Autunnale e Ordinaria dello SKIPASS STAGIONALE CAMPO FELICE possono essere effettuate c/o le biglietterie e tramite Bonifico Bancario intestato a "Campo Felice s.r.l." sul C/C bancario identificato dal seguente IBAN: IT 11 M 07092 39380 000000021533 - Banca di Credito Cooperativo dei Castelli Romani e Del Tuscolo e tramite SHOP ON LINE sul Sito Web:
NOTA BENE: in caso di acquisto con bonifico riportare sulla Descrizione del Pagamento "Cliente Campo Felice" (Nome e Cognome).

General Sale Conditions

You need a photo-card for issuing of the season ticket and Eur 2.00 for the KEY CARD. The owners of the seasonal KEY CARD bought in the previous years can produce it for having it recharged without additional costs. Discounts are not cumulative.

By purchasing the ski pass online or to the office authorized by the ski resort, you expressly agree to the conditions of sale below. At the time to pick up the ski pass you will have to show the receipt of online payment and appropriate documentation: age for children, identity card or health card for Over 80, Senior and Childrens; for university students copy of the latest tax paid; for skiers registered to a Ski Club the Fisi card, for adults having a fixed agreement the membership card, etc.
Sales conditions

Please notice that:

Born after 27.11.2016 ski free (in this case, the document showing the child's age should be produced). Baby must always be taken by an adult.

Born after 27.11.2012 (in this case, the document showing the child's age should be produced).

Born after 27.11.2004 have a free season ticket, provided that at least one of their parents buys a season ticket. (Be advised that in this case the document showing the child's age should be produced such as the Fiscal Code)

Students / University
Are students regularly enrolled in the year 2022/23 and with a maximum of 26 years. (giving a copy both of the documents certifying their matriculation and of an identity card).

Are people born before 27.11.1957 (showing their date of birth producing an identity card).

Over 80
Are people born before 27.11.1942 (showing their date of birth producing an identity card).The card "over 80" must be activated on the first day of skiing at the resort by the holder of the ticket itself.

People having a fixed agreement
Adult loyalty; fixed agreements are those subscribed with "CRAL", clubs, workman's clubs and so on, duly authorized beforehand and showing the card certifying the fixed agreement itself. 

→ Members of Sci Club
Are people regularly joined "FISI" in 2022/23 (it is sufficient to show the copy of the remittance)

→ Ski Instructor
By presenting card legislation, valid, the National College of Ski Instructors (MOU).

→ Third member of a family
As it results from the certificate of family status (and to be handed over when you buy the season ticket): that is in chronological succession from the third member afterwards; for example, in a family composed of three people, "the third member" is intended to be the first-born and afterwards and then following the decreasing order of the dates of birth.


Boys U/13 PROV. AQ
Born after 27.11.2009, residents born and / or born and resident in L'Aquila Province.

Boys U/18 PROV. AQ
Born after 27.11.2004, residents born and / or born and resident in L'Aquila Province.

Adults PROV. AQ
Reserved for residents in the municipalities of the prov. of L'Aquila, continuously since birth. It is necessary to show the HISTORICAL certificate of residence issued by your Municipality, except for those who have already presented it last season. Self-certification is not accepted.

To take advantage of the rates listed above, it is strictly necessary to present the following certificates:

1. Valid identity document;
2. Residence Certificate (it is necessary to certify one's uninterrupted residence from birth in one of the municipalities of the Province of L'Aquila);
3. In the absence of the combined Child / Parent purchase, it will still be possible to take advantage of the rate reserved for children born and resident.
4. Children from 0 to 6 years born after 27/11/2016 have a free ski pass provided that:
- at least one parent purchases a seasonal ski pass;
- alternatively it is purchased together with a ski pass over the age of 18.
(It is necessary to present the tax code certifying the age of the child and the documents listed above for the parent, self-certification is not accepted).

Loss of Season Ski pass
In the event of theft or loss of a Season Ski pass, it is necessary to make a statement to the company issuing the pass and to a competent authority (Police, Carabinieri) so the pass may be cancelled and blocked. The charge for cancellation, blocking and reissue of a new pass is € 30.00.