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Shows - Parties - Festivals

  • Procession of Our Lady of Rosary
  • On July 13th, the miraculous discovery of the painting of Our Lady of Rosary is commemorated with a procession.

  • Festival ijju Cerijje
  • It occurs on August 17th, 18th and 19th. Every year this festival draws thousands of people coming from all the villages of the upland and not only from there. The reason of such an enthusiasm is a gastronomic speciality of this area and in general of the whole Abruzzi: the barbecue roast sheep. Bitter oak is solely used for the barbecue and since it is a typical tree of this area, the festival takes its name from the dialect word meaning bitter oak (that is Cerìjje).

  • Day of Our Lady of Snow
  • It occurs on the first Sunday of September, it is held in honour of Our Immaculate Virgin and it takes place on Monte Rotondo at a height of 1900 metres above sea-level, near the statue of Our Lady of Snow. Such a day was strongly desired by Mr. Aldo Jacovitti in honour and memory of the Holy Father Giovanni Paolo the Second who chose these places many times for his short rest pauses.

  • Country festival of the "polenta"
  • This festival is dedicated to another main course of the mountain cookery. It usually takes place under cover, in the Pro Loco premises, on January 3rd and 4th.

  • Election of the Lord of Carnival
  • It is a holiday also known as Day of the Dead Carnival. It dates back to the half of 16th century and, according to some people, it takes up the tradition of the Latin Saturnalia. The main character is exactly the Lord of Carnival who is on public trial for his bawdiness. The verdict for “Carnival” is of guilty: a puppet is burnt in the public square and its funeral is the most suggestive moment of the holiday.

  • Holy Cross
  • Another local old tradition occurs on May 3rd and is represented by a cheerful and salutary trip at the “cross” on Monte Cagno, at a height of 1780 metres above sea-level.

  • St. Lucy’s Day
  • It is the day of the patron saint of the village and therefore is quite heartfelt. It occurs on the last Sunday of June.