Winter 2017/18:

Creation of a new four-seater chairlift Happy Field Quota (school), the second made in Europe that has no footrest and is specifically conceived for the safety of children because it has a locking bar that locks is not open unless it comes To the mountain station.
Realization of two new tracks: "quota dx" to allow entry into the amphitheater of the circle; "Sn sum" to allow entry to the Volpe track and direct connection to the Nibbie chairlift.
Adaptation of some slopes: the Low Lion and the linking link between Leone and Fox.
Improvement of accessibility and viability in the Campo Felice side parking area.
Extension of two chalets.
Enhancement lighting track training track Dick track.


Ski Resort

Departure Chairlift Cisterna

Arrival Chairlift Campo Felice

Magic Carpet Campo Felice

Chairlift Nibbio


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