Novelty Winter 2016/2017:

Installing a new lighting system:

Track field school of the ski lift Track Dick;
Opening new runway variant Toro low, equipped with artificial snow;
Opening new structure with n. 14 toilets in the vicinity 'of the parking lot;
-  New ticketing system, with three new stations:
    -  only one automatic pay with credit cards close to the bathrooms parking area,
     - a workstation with issuing tickets on line at the start of the carpet Campo Felice,
     - a workstation with issuing tickets on line near the ticket Circle.

Local Restructuring Brecciara with new manager;
Restructuring Chalet Campo Felice


Ski Resort

Arrival Chair lift Cisterna

Departure of Chair lift Brecciara

Magic Carpet Campo Felice

Arrival Chair lift Nibbio


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